About Us

Extend your Knowledge, Expand your Opportunities

The College of Extended Learning provides lifelong learning opportunities for different stages in your life ranging from high school, college, career to retirement. We also extend the resources of the university into the community, region, nation, and around the world.

Mission Statement

The College of Extended Learning (CEL) helps learners of all ages and backgrounds achieve their continuing education goals by providing access to University degrees, certificate programs, professional development and personal enrichment programs. Working in partnership with campus academic departments and drawing on resources in the community, CEL develops high-quality and financially self-supporting education programs that are offered locally, nationally, and internationally.

Vision Statement

The College of Extended Learning (CEL) will be recognized as a leader in providing continuing education programs to learners of all ages and backgrounds. CEL programs will serve the Inland Empire, the state of California, and audiences nationally and internationally. The College of Extended Learning will become an integral and essential outreach arm of the University by developing excellent market-driven educational programs in collaboration with CSUSB's academic colleges and departments. CEL programs will have a significant impact on workforce improvement, which will provide a positive effect on economic development within our region and beyond. As a gateway to the University's expansive resources, the College will enable individuals to realize their lifelong learning goals of professional excellence and personal enrichment. With a focus on innovation and needs of learners, CEL will strive to bring every aspect of continuing education within reach of the local, national and international community.