Registration Instructions

A maximum of 36 units taken through Open University may be applied toward an undergraduate degree; a maximum of 13 Open University units may be applied toward a graduate program. For a complete list of courses, refer to the course schedule. For information on course prerequisites, refer to the course description.


English Language Program


In addition to any course restrictions listed in the CSUSB Schedule of Classes, the following classes have restricted access:

  • All teaching credential courses (those with a prefix of EELB, ESEC or ESPE) require written authorization from the applicable Teacher Education Office (CE 261 for EELB or ESEC courses and CE 243 for ESPE courses) with the exception of ESPE 350, ESPE 529, ESPE 530 & ESPE 570, which are not restricted. For more information regarding EELB & ESEC and ESPE courses please contact us (909) 537-7405.
  • Graduate-level courses (those numbered 600 and higher) require written permission from the instructor, department chair and dean of graduate studies. 
  • MGMT 490 requires written authorization from the associate Dean of Student Affairs in the College of Business and Public Administration (JB 278).
  • ETEC 546 requires written authorization from the Administrative Support Coordinator in the Department of Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education (CH 107).
  • ART 365, 575 and 595 require an approved application from the Art Department (VA 105).