Graduate Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language

The university offers a variety of programs leading to a certificate of competency in special areas. Certificates may be earned by regularly matriculated or extended learning students and denote successful completion of a prescribed program of study designed to impart specified professional/vocational/career competencies, or produce mastery of the content of a sub-field of an academic major (discipline), or provide exposure to the range of materials in a traditional or emerging interdisciplinary field.

Courses offered for the certificate may be the same ones used to satisfy major, minor, credential or general education requirements. In order to qualify for a certificate, undergraduate candidates must earn a grade point average of 2.0 ("C") or better in applicable course work. Postbaccalaureate candidates must earn a grade point average of 2.5. Standards for individual programs may exceed this minimum. Candidates must also receive two-thirds of their certificate-applicable credit from the university. The transferring of credit or the substitution of courses may occur only after application to the appropriate campus authority.



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Admission to the Program

Requirements (30 units)

  1. Postbaccalaureate standing;
  2. A minimum grade point average of 3.0 in undergraduate upper-division coursework;
  3. A minimum score of 575 (computer-based score of 233; internet-based score of 90) on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) for students who do not possess a bachelor's degree from a postsecondary institution in a country where English is the principal language of instruction;
  4. Completion of ENG 311 with a grade of "B" (3.0) or better.

Recommendation for the Certificate

  1. Completion of the certificate coursework with a minimum grade point average of 3.0;
  2. Completion of the certificate within a seven year period. Students who have taken any required course that expires because it exceeds the seven year limitation will be required to retake the course or its equivalent, as designated by the English Department graduate coordinator. Petitions to waive this requirement will not be approved.

Certificate Requirements

Course Number Course Title Units
ENG 312 Theories of Language Acquisition and Learning 4
ENG 420 English Grammar I 4
ENG 524 Sociolinguistics 4
ENG 619 Second Language Acquisition 4
ENG 625 or
ENG 626
TESL Methods and Materials for Speaking and Listening
TESL Methods and Materials for Reading and Writing
ENG 664 Internship in ESL Teaching 2
Eight (8) units chosen from:
ENG 523 English Grammar II 4
ENG 615 Discourse Analysis: Theories and Applications 4
ENG 616 Contrastive Rhetoric 4
ENG 617 Linguistics Pragmatics 4
ENG 625 TESL Methods and Materials for Speaking and Listening (if not used above) 4
ENG 626 TESL Methods and Materials for Reading and Writing (if not used above) 4

Department of English, UH-334, (909) 537-5824.

Term Dates
Late Fee Implemented
Final Day to Register and Pay(Census)
Fall 2018 9/20/18-12/8/18 6/18/2018 8/6/2018 10/10/2018
Winter 2019 1/7/19-3/23/19 11/21/2018 12/10/2018 1/28/2019
Spring 2019 4/2/19-6/15/19 3/5/2019 3/18/2019 4/22/2019
  • Students are not enrolled until the College of Extended Learning has received a signed registration form and applicable fees have been paid.
  • Fees may be paid by cash, check, money order, or by Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Registration forms can be submitted to the College of Extended Learning windows in Sierra Hall 101.
  • Late fees are $25 per class.
  • Census is the final day to register and pay fees. Students must use the Petition process to register after this date. Census is also the last day for students to withdraw from classes without record and receive a 65% refund (at no time are 100% refunds issued).
  • After Census, refunds for dropped classes are no longer issued. Withdrawals after this date will be permissible only for serious and compelling reasons such as serious illness or accident, and students will receive a "Withdrawal" on their records. Documentation is required for these exceptions.

Fees Schedule for 2018-2019

  • 5 units.... $1,300
  • 4 units.... $1,040
  • 3 units.... $780
  • 2 units.... $520
  • 1 units.... $260

Additional fees may be charged for courses that offer laboratory work or individual tutorial instructions.

*Important Student Fees Information: The College of Extended Learning makes every effort to keep students costs to a minimum. Fees listed in published schedules or student accounts may need to be increased to meet the operating costs of delivering continuing education courses and programs therefore, the College of Extended Learning reserves the right to increase or modify fees, without notice, until the date when instruction for a particular quarter has begun. All college of Extended Learning fees are subject to change.

Graduate Certificate Process

Steps and procedures for non-degree seeking students

  1. Select your desired Graduate Certificate Program.
  2. Complete preliminary application on the College of Extended Learning (CEL) website.
  3. Anticipate contact from the College from which you are applying to.
  4. Submit your official transcript to the College for review. CSUSB graduates, a transcript is not required.
  5. Upon acceptance to the Certificate Program, the College will provide you with the Graduate Certificate Open University Registration Form and a Program Plan.
  6. Return the approved forms to CEL with the registration fees. Full payment for the first quarter is due at the time of registration.
  7. For enrollment into subsequent courses you must contact the CEL Graduate Certificate Coordinator for registration.
  8. No later than the last term of certificate-applicable study, you must submit an Application for Certificate Programs along with the application fee with the Office of the Registar, Application for Certificate Programs.

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Certificate Completion

No later than the last term of certificate-applicable study, you must submit an Application for Certificate Programs form along with the application fee with the Office of Registrar, Application for Certificate Programs.

* Fees are subject to change