Site Requirements

Intern Chosen Site Requirements

Preceptors and rotation sites must meet the following criteria:

Minimum requirements of the preceptors:

  • Preceptor must be a registered dietitian/nutritionist (RDN) or other qualified professional with appropriate credential and experience depending on the site and the competencies to be met.
  • Preceptor must be able to document appropriate continuing education for the previous two years.
  • Preceptor must have adequate time to provide required supervision of the intern.
  • Primary preceptor must be employed full-time in the facility.

A “primary preceptor” is an individual who will keep a file of the interns, who will affirm the hours of supervised-practice that the intern completes, and who will maintain appropriate contact with the ISPP Academic Coordinator/DPD Director, instructor, and the intern.

Minimum requirements of the sponsoring facilities:

  • The facility must be accredited by The Joint Commission (TJC), the state agency, or other relevant accrediting body.
  • Any facility at which the intern would complete 40 hours or more of practice experience must have a preceptor available on staff.
  • Any facility at which the intern would complete more than 40 hours or one week must have a signed Affiliation Agreement with CSUSB.
  • Any facility at which the intern would complete more than 80 hours or two weeks must have completed the Preceptor Qualifications form (attached to the brochure/link below)
  • Any facility at which the intern would complete more than one-week rotation, must have sufficient educational resources to support an intern’s educational needs such as computer or appropriate space for interns to work on their assignments.
  • If a facility is unable to provide all the required CSUSB rotations/experiences, then the intern needs an alternate facility to provide the experiences required to meet the ACEND (Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics) competencies.

Choosing sponsored facilities:

  • Intern, DPD Director, and instructor can work together to obtain approval for the intern’s chosen sites after admission to CSUSB ISPP Program.


Interns need to take the responsibility in designing their own rotations schedule with the approval of the prospective facilities by the DPD Director and/or ISPP instructor.