Online High School


Education at your fingertips

Core Courses

Our online program offers various classes in Core Course areas such as:

  • English
  • Math
  • Science
  • Foreign Language
  • Social Science

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

AP courses are also offered to those students wanting to compete at a higher level.

All Courses:

  • Meet A-G requirements
  • WASC accredited
  • NCAA approved
  • Common Core State standards Aligned (CCSS)

High School Credit

  • Students completing any course through this program will receive high school credit. Weighted GPA for AP courses is determined by each individual school district.
  • Transferability of credit is determined by each student’s school site.
  • Students must receive prior approval from their school before registering for a class.
  • Students can download the approval forms or they may use a form from their school site (if available).
SUMMER 2019 (First Semester Courses)
Registration Deadline Session Dates
April 6, 2019 - June 3, 2019

June 13 – July 3, 2019

SUMMER 2019 (Second Semester Courses)
Registration Deadline Session Dates
April 6, 2019 - June 25, 2019

  July 8 – July 26, 2019 

Core Courses: $250 per quarter/per semester course
AP Courses: $325 per quarter/per semester course
*All course fees are not refundable.

About Our Instructors:

  • Instructors are available for office hours one day per week to assist students.

Student Information:

  • Each course requires a minimum of 25 hours per week, to complete a semester class.
  • Students are required to attend an orientation to sign their Course Agreements and turn in other required documents..
  • Final exams are to be completed face to face with the course instructor. Other arrangements may be considered with instructor approval.
  • All students are encouraged to maintain a notebook with course content notes and notations regarding dates and times of student/instructor interaction.