Frequently Asked Questions

Can a student take more than one online high school course per session?
Yes, but two is the maximum allowed and even this is a lot of work. We recommend one course per session.
Will I receive high school or college credit for my online high school course?
You will receive high school credit only for your online high school course.
How will this class be posted to my transcript?
Students registered with Chino Valley USD, will have their grade posted automatically under Chino Hills HS-Summer School. If a student is an out of district student the transcript will be distributed as indicated by the “Transcript Request” form with the school of record recorded as Chino Hills High School.
How many hours per week does a student need to complete to complete the course?
The hours vary depending on the abilities and needs of the student. However, generally it takes approximately 20-30 hours per week to successfully complete a course.
Are a student’s grades affected by the number of hours put into the course?
Not generally, however, AP r courses require a minimum of 35 hours of login time and a notebook to verify reading and notetaking requirements.
Do students have to come in for finals?
Yes. Students must take their finals (cumulative exam) in the presence of proctor, designee, or course teacher.
What if a student is unable to come in during the final date?
The student must make alternative arrangements with the course teacher to take the final exam. There are several options to be employed based case by case. Student’s need to inform course teacher immediately about alternative testing needs. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE DAY OF THE FINAL!
If a student takes an AP course, when do they take the AP exam?
The AP exams still adhere to the national dates in May. Students are required to maintain notes and records to review over the year to stay prepared for the exam.
What if a student needs more time to finish the course?
Sorry, there are no extensions. The dates of the session must be followed.
What if a student fails the course?
No F grades will be processed. The records of the course will be kept on file but no negative marks will be placed on transcripts. D grades will be processed so if a student does not want the D posted, they must contact the teacher and ask for no credits to be awarded.
What if a student needs help? How can they get a hold of the course teacher?
All course teachers have regular summer office hours on the Alternative Education Campus. Students may drop in or make appointments accordingly.
If a student has attended orientation and filled out necessary paperwork, when does he/she have to come in again?
The student is not required to come to see the teacher/staff again until finals.